Terms of service

Terms and Conditions

Takeda Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") defines the terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "this agreement") of the site "Bicbrand" (hereinafter referred to as "this service") operated by it as follows. increase. Those who use this service must agree to the following conditions. In addition, there may be additional guidelines, etc. for the use of specific services, so please refer to each service. The guidelines for each service constitute a part of this agreement, and the terms of use include all of them.

Chapter 1 General rules

Article 1 Definitions

Each of the following terms used in this Agreement shall have the following meanings.

  1. "Bicbrand" refers to an e-commerce site established on the web, which is operated by our company.
  2. "This service" refers to the sale of products that we provide on Bicbrand and all other services.
  3. "User" means a person who agrees to these Terms and uses the Service.
  4. "Product" means any product sold or offered on Bicbrand.

Article 2 Application of Terms

This agreement is applied about all about the use of Bicbrand by the user.

Article 3 Detailed Regulations

  1. In addition to this agreement, we may establish detailed rules (hereinafter referred to as "usage rules") for the use of specific services of Bicbrand.
  2. The detailed usage rules posted on Bicbrand shall constitute a part of this agreement.
  3. In the event that the provisions of these Terms and the provisions of the detailed usage rules differ, the provisions of the detailed usage rules shall take precedence.

Article 4 Scope of the Terms

Before using this service, the user agrees to the terms and conditions of use posted on each page of this service, and confirms the intention of acceptance provided by our company. shall use the service.

Article 5 Notice from our company

We will notify users of necessary matters at any time by means of displaying on Bicbrand or other methods that we deem appropriate.

Article 6 Effect of Notice

Notice by display on Bicbrand in the preceding article shall be effective from the time when our company displays the content of the notice on Bicbrand.

Chapter 2 Users

Article 7 Usage Restrictions

Those who fall under any of the following shall not be able to use Bicbrand's services.

  1. Those who have not registered as a customer with Bicbrand
  2. Those who have violated these Terms
  3. Persons who are found to have submitted false information regarding matters submitted to our company
  4. Those who have neglected to pay the product price specified in Article 14 when using Bicbrand
  5. Those who cannot use the payment methods necessary for purchasing products at Bicbrand

Article 8 Notification of Change

  1. If there is a change in the content of the matters notified to the Company, the User shall promptly notify the change in the manner prescribed by the Company.
  2. Even if the user suffers a disadvantage due to the lack of notification in the preceding paragraph, the Company will not be held responsible for it.

Chapter 3 Obligations of Users

Article 9 Responsibility for managing IDs and passwords

Users shall not allow others to use their IDs and corresponding passwords, and shall be fully responsible for the use and management of their own IDs and corresponding passwords, and You are responsible for all actions and their consequences, regardless of whether you did the action or not.

Article 10 Prohibitions

The user shall not perform the following acts regarding the use of Bicbrand.

  1. Applying false registration information when using the service
  2. Acts that may interfere with this service
  3. Acts of using this service by illegally using a credit card
  4. Acts of illegally using IDs and passwords
  5. Acts that cause nuisance, disadvantage or damage to third parties or our company, or acts that may cause them
  6. Acts that infringe on the copyright, privacy or other rights of a third party or our company, or acts that are likely to do so
  7. Acts contrary to public order and morals and other acts that violate laws and regulations, or acts that are likely to do so
  8. Election campaigns, similar acts, and other political and religious activities
  9. Acts of using our service for the purpose of user's business activities and profit
  10. Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate

Chapter 4 Usage

Article 11 Service Scope

Users shall be able to use the Service. However, the Company may change the content of the services that can be used without obtaining prior approval from the user, and may discontinue all or part of the service provision at its discretion.

Article 12 How to purchase products

  1. When users purchase products using this service, they shall comply with the procedures and conditions stated on this agreement and on the service information page and other pages on Bicbrand. The delivery method of the product, the price of the product, and other matters necessary for applying for the purchase of the product and the purchase of the product shall also be in accordance with the items described on each page.
  2. The sales contract between the user and our company shall be concluded at the timing when the shipping confirmation email for the product ordered by the user on this site is sent. This sales contract shall be concluded even if the registered e-mail address is invalid.
  3. The user shall pay the product price, etc. in accordance with the provisions of Article 14.
  4. Users acknowledge that they may be subject to restrictions such as being unable to purchase certain products depending on their place of residence, age, etc., due to laws, other rules, or our judgment.
  5. Even if we accept your order, we may not be able to deliver the product due to system troubles, missing items, etc. In that case, we will contact the user and respond with a refund.

Article 13 Delivery of goods

  1. Our company or a person who has received a delivery consignment from our company will deliver the product to the user according to the delivery date. The User acknowledges that the Company or a person entrusted by the Company may confirm the User's convenience over the phone, including at night, for product delivery.
  2. If the user is not at the product delivery address when the product is delivered, the user shall specify the re-delivery date and time within the specified number of days from the delivery date according to the absence slip distributed at the time of delivery. If the re-delivery date is not specified within the above period, or if the user is absent at the re-delivery date and time, the user agrees in advance that the ordered product can be treated as a return at our discretion.
  3. The user shall immediately check the quantity and condition of the product after receiving the product, and if any damage to the product during delivery, hidden defects in the product, wrong delivery of the product, etc. We shall contact "Bicbrand Customer Center" from the inquiry window on this site within.

Article 14 Payment method for product price, etc.

  1. The amount to be paid by the user when purchasing a product will be the sum of the product purchase price, shipping fee, consumption tax and credit card handling fee.
  2. The payment method for purchasing products shall be payment by credit card in the name of the user, cash on delivery, or any other payment method separately approved by the Company.
  3. In the case of payment by credit card, the user shall comply with the terms of a separate contract with the card company. In addition, if a dispute arises between the user and the credit card company, etc., it shall be resolved by both parties, and the Company shall bear no responsibility. In addition, users shall be aware of the risk of leakage, etc. associated with payment methods such as sending credit card numbers when using this service, and shall do so under their own responsibility. We will not be held responsible for compensation for damages caused by

Article 15 Questions and Complaints

About question or complaint about application for product purchase, we hear in Bicbrand customer center.

Article 16 Return of goods

  1. Merchandise returns shall be made in accordance with our return policy.
  2. If the product is damaged during delivery, or if the product was delivered in error, the user can return the product without paying the shipping fee. In this case, the user shall contact the Bicbrand customer center within 7 days after receiving the product and, in principle, return the product to the address specified by the Bicbrand customer center.

In addition, after contacting the user, we shall be able to respond by refunding or exchanging the product.

Chapter 5 Management

Article 17 Personal Information

The handling and management of personal information shall be in accordance with our "Privacy Policy".

Article 18 Deletion of customer registration

If the user falls under any of the following reasons, we may suspend the use of this service or cancel customer registration at our discretion without prior notice to the user. I shall not object.

  1. If it is found that the customer has been subject to disposition such as cancellation of customer registration due to violation of these Terms of Use in the past.
  2. When there is a delay in fulfillment of payment obligations such as fees related to this service, or other defaults
  3. In case of committing the act of Article 10 (Prohibited Acts)
  4. In case of other violations of these Terms
  5. Cases corresponding to the preceding items

Article 19 Suspension of Service

In the event of any of the following events, the Company may, at its discretion, temporarily or permanently suspend the provision of all or part of the Service without prior notice to the User. It is possible and the user shall not make any objection.

  1. In the event that a failure occurs in equipment, etc. necessary for the provision of this service, and in the event that maintenance is performed regularly or urgently.
  2. When the Service cannot be provided due to fire, power outage, etc.
  3. When the Service cannot be provided due to a natural disaster such as an earthquake, eruption, flood, or tsunami;
  4. When the Service cannot be provided due to war, disturbance, riot, disturbance, labor dispute, etc.
  5. In addition, when the Company determines that it is necessary to suspend the Service for operational or technical reasons.
  6. Cases corresponding to the preceding items

Article 20 Disclaimer

  1. We are not responsible for damages or any other liability for goods, services, information, etc. provided by parties other than our company and their actions.
  2. The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the User arising from the use of the Service (including damages arising from troubles with other parties), or damages arising from the inability to use the Service. We shall not be liable for damages or any other liability for damages. However, if there is a reason attributable to our company, we will be liable for damages up to the amount paid by the user, except when there is intentional or gross negligence on our part.
  3. Our company shall process the administrative work according to the registered contents of the user, and the user shall not raise any objection to the administrative processing performed by our company according to the registered contents.
  4. We are striving to improve the quality of the information that users obtain through our site and the content of this service, but we do not consider the safety, certainty, accuracy, usefulness, and morality of such information and services. , completeness, etc. is not guaranteed.
  5. Safety, certainty, accuracy, legality, usefulness, morality, completeness, etc., of information, etc. provided within the Service by users and third parties (including other registered customers). makes no warranty of any kind.

Article 21 Dealing with Violation of the Terms

  1. In the event that the user violates this agreement, if there is a complaint or demand from another party regarding the use of this service by the user, and if we deem it necessary, or for any other reason If it is determined that it is inappropriate for the operation of the user, we may take any of the following measures or a combination of these measures.

(1) If the user violates this agreement, if there is a complaint or demand from another party regarding the use of this service by the user, and if we deem it necessary, or for any other reason If it is determined that it is inappropriate for the operation of the service, we may take any of the following measures or a combination of these measures against the user.

(2) Request to discuss with others to resolve complaints and claims.

(3) The use of this service will be suspended without prior notice.

(4) Cancel the customer registration.

  1. The user acknowledges that the Company is not obligated to take the measures stipulated in the preceding paragraph under the provisions of the preceding paragraph. In addition, if the Company takes the measures set forth in each item of the preceding paragraph, the User shall not make any objection or complaint to the Company regarding the results resulting from such measures.


Chapter 6 Others

Article 22 Copyright

  1. The user shall not use any information provided through this service without the permission of the right holder, outside the scope of copyright restrictions such as personal reproduction permitted by copyright law. I can not do it.
  2. Our company shall be able to reprint information on products and impressions of this service sent by users to our company on our site such as on Bicbrand, and users shall cooperate with this.
  3. If a problem arises due to violation of the provisions of this article, the user shall solve the problem at his/her own responsibility and expense, and shall not cause any inconvenience or damage to our company.

Article 23 Revision of Terms

  1. The Company reserves the right to change or abolish all or part of these Terms (including detailed usage rules; the same shall apply hereinafter) due to changes in social conditions, changes in laws and regulations, or other reasons deemed appropriate by the Company. , the user shall not state any objection.
  2. The change or abolition of these terms shall take effect when the changed terms or notice of abolition is displayed on Bicbrand.

Article 24 Dealing with problems

In the event that a problem arises that cannot be resolved by the Terms of Use or the guidance of the Company regarding the use of the Service, the Company and the User shall discuss in good faith and resolve the matter.

Article 25 Exclusive Agreement Jurisdiction Court

If a lawsuit arises between the user and our company, the Osaka District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court of first instance.

Article 26 Governing Law

The governing law for this agreement shall be the law of Japan.

Article 27 Validity of Regulations

This rule will be effective from May 5, 2022 Japan Standard Time.

The Company reserves the right to revise or change these Rules due to changes in the social and economic situation or other circumstances.