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About Bicbrand's Genuine Guarantee Program

by TakedaKenji 04 Aug 2023

Bicbrand's first policy is a zero-tolerance attitude towards counterfeit goods. All goods sold by us are purchased from Japanese local auctions only open to companies. Every item is carefully selected and undergoes at least two quality inspection processes by our professional staff upon arrival at our company. Beginning on August 10, 23 years ago, we decided to upgrade our genuine guarantee service. We have decided to attach an appraisal report from Entrupy, a professional luxury goods appraisal company from the United States, to the products we sell. Entrupy is a recognized professional appraisal institution in the second-hand luxury goods circulation industry. For more information about the company, please visit their official website:

Before shipping, the goods we sell are scanned using professional high-magnification microscopes connected to the headquarters database provided by Entrupy. The resulting data is compared through an artificial intelligence system to finally authenticate the luxury goods. We will notify the buyer of the goods of the authentication report via email before shipping.

We hope to use a smarter and more efficient way to let our customers know that the products they purchase have the service guarantee we provide.

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